3M Buttercut Sandblast Stencil

Total Thickness:
45 mils (1.4mm)
Additional Info
pdf 3M-507.pdf (10.1 KB)

Have you been looking for a high quality sandblast stencil but been found wanting?

Have you had a hard time locating 3M's fabulous "Buttercut" sandblast stencil?

Search no more. You've asked and we've complied. We now offer 3M Buttercut sandblast stencil in 12-1/4 inch x 10 yards and 24-1/2 inch x 10 yard rolls.

We also have Buttercut by the square foot if you only need a small quantity.


For those of you who are unaware of Buttercut's properties, 3M Buttercut sandblast stencil is a special compound rubber 1.4mm thick with a rubber resin backing for quick adhesion to glass and other materials.

Buttercut is easy to cut and create intricate stencils from with an excellent blast resistance. It adheres quickly and has a quick and easy removal from the surface after blasting.

This is not a photo resist film.



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