3M Dual Lock 1 inch Diamond disks

$5.00 - $28.50
1'' diameter
Dual Lock
Grit Size:
Eligible for FREE Shipping(Eligible for FREE Shipping)

We know you've been searching for a great way to grind out small areas on your pieces, but you've been having trouble with the velcro backed diamond disks because they don't stay on when you're grinding difficult areas. And you've tried the Roloc attachment method, but you don't like how stiff and unyielding the diamond disks are. 

We understand and now we have the perfect compromise. Utilizing 3M's newest attachment material, Dual Lock; these 1 inch diamond disks "snap" onto the Dual Lock mandrel and hold until you remove them. No amount of centrifugal force or grinding will remove them. Only once you pull them loose will they come apart. They maintain the ease of use of the velcro attachment system by easily snapping on and off the mandrel, and also maintain the slightly flexible nature of the velcro attachment system with a soft pliable layer of get between the Dual Lock nubs and the diamond disk. Combined with the excellent holding power that rivals the Roloc material, the Dual Lock system is the best of both worlds.

As an added bonus, the Dual Lock mandrel will also accept all your old velcro backed disks and hold them steady as well. One mandrel to rule them all.