3M Spindle Extender

5/8''-11 x 5''

We cannot tell you how many people have asked us for something like this.

This little spindle extender fits onto any 5/8"-11 shaft and extends the spindle out by around 5 inches.

It comes with spacers, a washer and lock washer.

What can you do with it you ask?

Well, they sky's the limit. Imagine being able to put a Spherical Miracle or Sintered Radiused wheel on your right angle grinder.

Or maybe taking some felt disks and stacking them together to create a polishing flap wheel for your hard to polish areas.

Or even try a diamond saw blade on your right angle grinder.

The possibilities are endless. Obviously you will need to come up with a water delivery system for this type of setup and safety glasses are a must, but this little attachement could really open up some possibilities for your work.


needless to say, the Spherical Miracle, right angle grinder, and felt wheels in the pictures are not included with the Spindle. There, we said it.


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