4 Inch x 106 Inch 3M 237AA Trizact Abrasive belts

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4'' x 106''
Trizact aluminum oxide 237AA

The 3M Trizact material is a space age use of aluminum oxide abrasive that yields fantastic results on your glass, stone, and precious materials. The secret is in the microscopic pyramids of aluminum oxide spaced through the surface of the belt material. This gives a smooth removal rate and fine surface appearance to your material.

If you used the colored Trizact belts before, then do we have a treat for you! These new 237AA Trizact belts from 3M have a cloth backing so they stay on your belt sander and track better. The new Trizact matrix on these belts also builds up substantially less heat on your glass which means a longer time working on the belt and more efficient grinding.

True, you lose the pretty blue, green and orange colors of the previous Trizact belts, but think of all the great new advantages of these belts at the exact same price!