A-1100 Amino Silane Pre-Treatment

560mL per L
Additional Info
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Please note that A-1100 is classified as a Dangerous Good. A-1100 may only be shipped via Ground shipping. We cannot ship this product via air shipment (this includes any shipments to Hawaii or Alaska domestically). If you do require an air shipment of this material, please contact us directly for a Dangerous Good shipping quote.

 A-1100 Amino silane is a glass pre-treatment for us with most optical epoxies. The A-1100 helps the epoxy bond to the silica in the glass and creates a longer lasting more reliable bond joint.

After cleaning your glass and before bonding with your epoxy, simply wipe or spray A-1100 onto the surface of both areas to be bonded. Allow to dry or use a hair dryer to dry the A-1100, then bond as normal with your choice of epoxies.

Used in conjunction with throughly cleaning the glass surfaces prior to bonding, A-1100 increases the success rate of most bond joints.

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