Refurbished Spatzier Lathes

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Crating Fee
4 to 6 weeks
Spindles and Accessories:


These lathes are from Austrian glass shops and have been refurbished and tested for proper operation, and even include a nice new paint job. These machines are built to last for many generations. 6 or 12-step models are available although both may not be available at any one time. Lathes are manufactured by Spatzier and are identical to the more commonly know "Merker lathes".


Shipping is not calculated in the shopping cart and will be shipped FOB Austria via freight to the nearest International Airport to your location. 

Please contact us for a firm freight quote. Freight to most international US airports ranges from $1000 USD to $1800 USD on average. Shipping is also available Door to Door at a substantially higher rate. Rates are subject to change with fuel costs, delivery options and Euro conversion. Freight quotes are valid for 14 days.


A $225.00 Crating charge is included in the price of the lathe to comply with import regulations. Customs and duty are the responsibility of the consignee and will not be estimated for you. We highly recommend utilizing a customs broker for receipt of the lathe. Duty fees are typically 2% of the sale price.


• Comes with basic lathe and cast iron motor stand and upper assembly

• Upper shaft unit has brass bearings (uses typical motor oil), oil ring and pulley assembly. Working table is not included.

• Includes one tapered spindle, typically used for stone wheels (additional spindles available).

• Motor stand with shaft, pulley, bearings, and original European 220V 50Hz 3 phase motor - The electronics package is a pre-selected option with the Spatzier lathes and is REQUIRED for all applications within North America. This package provides a controller box that takes the European 220V 50Hz 3 phase motor and transforms it to 110V or 220V 60Hz for American voltage. Do not deselect the electronics package option unless you are sure you can utilize the 220V 50Hz 3 phase motor that is standard on the Spatziers. The Electronics package also gives you a variable speed control on the controller box so you do not have to change the belt for speed changes. Very handy!

• 12 step V groove pulley or 6 step flat belt pulley system utilizes one belt for adjusting speeds (speed should be adjusted on the electronics package controller via speed control dial) Some assembly is required and we will provide concise guidance.

• One 'ejector' for changing spindles.

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