HXTAL NYL-1 Epoxy Adhesive

$50.00 - $1,100.00
2 part epoxy
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Please note that HXTAL NYL-1 Part B is classified as a Dangerous Good. Shipments by air must ship via Hazmat shipping and will entail an upcharge of $50.00 per package. Please call if you require HXTAL to be shipped via Air shipping (this includes any shipments to Hawaii or Alaska domestically). If you cannot select a shipping method at checkout for International shipping, please contact us through our support email for a shipping quote to your location.


If you use epoxies at all for your glass sculptures, you know that all epoxies are not created equal. The leader amongst them all is HXTAL! An ultra pure resin that stays perfectly water white (clear and transparent) for the lifetime of the piece, even in direct sunlight. HXTAL comes as a two part epoxy and for maximum adhesion and reliability should be weighed out 3 parts of "A" to one part of "B" by weight. For tips on using HXTAL (we use it in our shop, so we have many) please visit our FAQs page. If you've ever laminated glass, you know that HXTAL is the way to go!


Mixing and applying HXTAL for laminating glass