Machinery Setup Made Simple

We know that coldworking machinery can be complicated and confusing sometimes. It’s heavy equipment in some circumstances and can be frustrating and intimidating.
We recognize that purchases of coldworking equipment are a large part of hard earned money and being cautious and concerned about how well a machine will work for you and how well you will be able to work a machine is important.
We have now started a video series in our Learn section devoted to showing how many of our more popular coldworking machines go together and operate.
Our newest video demonstrates how to assemble the MK 101-24 wet saw from unpacking to blade mounting. We hope that these videos will be helpful in showing how to utilize the more common coldworking equipment.
We also have a video series showing the setup and usage of the Covington 761 tabletop sander and will be adding more videos in the coming year.

Short Staffed for Glass Craft and Bead Expo

From March 28th through April 3rd we will be short staffed at the shop with many of our employees at the Glass Craft and Bead Expo at the South Pointe Hotel in Las Vegas.

If you’re in Vegas, be sure to drop by our booth at the trade show to check out all the tools and equipment we’ll have on display and for sale.

This Expo this year is parterning up with the International Society of Glass Beadmakers so it promises to be a great show.

As to our operating system at the shop for this time period, our phone system will forward to an automatic voicemail. Support emails will be answered as quickly as possible so that will be the fastest way to get in touch with us.

All orders placed through the website will be processed and avaialble items shipped out during this time period so you can still place your orders and they will be shipped if available.

Using HXTAL as a Clear Coat

One of the most fascinating products we offer is HXTAL NYL-1 epoxy. While one might be tempted to view it only as a laminating epoxy, HXTAL is far more capable than just that.

It can be used to simply laminate two pieces of glass together, but it can also be thinned down to use a clear coat on glass or other surfaces to protect the surface.

We’ll be posting some short videos on HXTAL over the next few months showing some of the various things you can accomplish with this amazing epoxy.