Return Engagement

As many of you saw, a few weeks ago Suhner discontinued their entire water fed tool line. This came as a shock not only to us, but to many of you as well as the Suhner tools have a stellar reputation in the industry.

One of the most popular tools we offered was the lightweight LXB-10 2 inch right angle water fed grinder. It was immensely popular and one of my favorite tools.

Well, we have some good news on that front. After some back and forth with Suhner we have convinced them to make some short run builds of the LXB-10 grinder again.

We will shortly have 10 more pieces on hand of this extremely popular grinder and hope to continue to be able to make short run builds from Suhner in the future.

If you’ve been looking for a great, easy to use, lightweight grinder for use with 2 inch disks in electroplated, pre-polish and cerium, then you can’t do better than the LXB. Grab one quick as we’re not sure how long this new batch of pieces will last.

A Lower Cost of Entry

We have, for years, been very proud of being able to offer some of the highest quality coldworking tools and equipment that we can find. We use many of the same tools we sell ourselves so we value having a quality tool for our work.

That being said, there are times when we want to just try out an idea or process and don’t necessarily want to have a large tool outlay for prototyping. We’ve also heard from a number of customers who are just starting out and can’t quite afford a full arsenal of tools for the work they envision.

We recognize that in those circumstances, it would be advantageous to have access to a tool that may be a little less expensive.

To that end we are now offering a standard electroplated radiused diamond wheel in 4 inch diameter in 60, 100, 180, 360, and 600 grit.

These are not the higher end PBS brazed plated wheels like our Spherical Miracle wheels but a standard electroplated wheel that will be a bit more aggressive on the glass at the same grit level as our Spherical Miracle wheels but at a much lower price point for ease of entry into battuto work or prototyping new designs without using your more expensive wheels.

This is similar to our point kits that give you the ability to find the right point shape for your work by testing many shapes but then allow you to move to a more refined and longer lasting point like our sintered diamond points.

New Wheels for an Awesome Grind

Some of our favorite wheels here in the shop are sintered diamond cutting and engraving wheels.

With the sintered diamond, the wheel maintains a consistent cut rate over time and consistent surface appearance whenever you use it on your glass. That alone is a massive plus for using sintered diamond wheels, but they also cut faster at the same grit level as an electroplated wheel and leave a finer surface than the comparable plated wheels at the same grit level. It’s like a win-win!

Our newest sintered diamond wheels are a new routine of engraving wheels in Full Circle Olive Cut and in V-groove wheels. Our new sintered engraving wheels come from Dias in the Czech Republic.

We’ve been super impressed with the quality and cut of the Dias sintered engraving wheels and we think you will as well. Each engraving wheel also comes with two dressing sticks that allow your to keep your wheels running true and smooth.

As alwasys, if you have a specific wheel need in a certain diameter, profile or grit; we can get that custom made for you.