If you haven’t heard by now, a large swath of North America will be experiencing a partial to full eclipse of the sun on Monday, August 21st.

We here at His Glassworks will be in the path of the eclipse and in order to maintain the safety of our employees and allow them to enjoy this “once in a lifetime” event, we will be closing early on Monday.

We will be prepping and entering orders and responding to email with a limited staff prescense in the morning and will fully close for the day at Noon EST.

Thanks for understanding and if you are in the path of the eclipse, have a wonderful and safe time viewing!

Postal Problems and Less Than Stellar Solutions

As many of our customers may already know, we have a very hard time with our local Postal Service. We have tried to work with them repeatedly over the years to consistently pick up our shipments from us so your packages arrive in a timely and organized way.

These negotiations seem to have come to and end on their part.

We were informed last week that our packages will no longer be picked up from our location and we will be forced to take packages to a secondary location in order for them to be picked up by the Postal Service. This is problematic on a number of scores but mainly that we do not have the time or manpower to make special runs for package pickup.

We know that many of you rely on the lower cost options available with Postal Service delivery so we are transitioning our domestic Priority Mail service over to Fedex SmartPost. This allows for a lower cost shipping option for many of products still but comes with the unforunate side effect of a longer delivery time. Instead of 3-4 days for Priority Mail delivery, SmartPost will be 5-8 days for local delivery.

As it stands we would not be able to ship Priority Mail packages on a daily basis any longer and ship times would increase from the typical 3-4 days to 4-8 days with Priority Mail as well as we would not be able to make pickups daily with the Postal Service any longer.

This will also affect First Class Mail shipments as we will only delivery First Class Mail packages for pickup once or twice a week instead of the normal daily pickup we were used to. This will add days to the First Class Mail delivery options we offer as well.

We do apologize for any trouble this may cause, but our local Post Office has decided it can no longer perform it’s intended function as a shipper for us so we are forced to adapt our shipping policies.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please feel free to email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

July 4th Closing and Sale

In observance of Independence Day, His Glassworks will be closed on Tuesday July 4th.

While we will not be available for phone or email support, you can still order online.

In addition, we will have our annual Red, White, and Blue sale on Tuesday where all items that are Red, White, or Blue will be on sale for one day only!

Have a wonderful holiday!