1 Inch Velcro Backed Cerium Impregnated Disk Pack


This 6 pack of 3M cerium impregnated disk are used with just water to polish glass surfaces without the need for messy cerium slurries. Just add water and polish. We recommend a heavy amount or water to activate the cerium and keep the cerium from friction burning onto the glass. 

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Customer Questions
How do cerium impregnated disks work?

3M's cerium impregnated material uses their Trizact structure to encapsulate cerium oxide into tiny pyramid shapes. When water and pressure are applied to the surface, the cerium oxide is slowly released from the structure onto your piece. The pyramid...

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  • 3M's 568XA cerium impregnated Trizact material
  • Velcro backing is softer and more pliable than Dual Lock backing but less secure and prone to detach from the mandrel at high speeds and high torque