HXTAL NYL-1 Epoxy Adhesive 1/2 Pound Kit

HXTAL NYL-1 is a museum quality epoxy adhesive for laminating, bonding, and repairing glass. It is a water white (optically clear) adhesive with the same index of refraction as borosilicate glass. HXTAL is extremely versatile and can be thinned down for use as a clear coat or allowed to thicken in order to mold into missing parts of glass. With a long history and excellent track record it is one of the best adhesives for bonding glass to glass and glass to other mediums.
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Customer Questions
Is this epoxy adhesive similar ( or stronger!) than any other glue that I could use, in the usual way to bond a 6mm top piece to a fused glass base or are there other procedures involved?

HXTAL is currently the strongest adhesive you can use for glass to glass bonding with water clarity and long term viability and strength, yes.

I have tried to find a definitive answer to this, but do not see it anywhere, so forgive me if this is noted elsewher, but is cured HXTAL-NYL-1 epoxy food safe? For example, if it is thinned and used to fill micro-cracks in blown glass cups, would it be safe to drink from? And if so, would this be affected by higher temperatures (e.g. boiling water), since the epoxy breaks down @ 500 degrees?

HXTAL has never been tested or approved for food safety so it's never really advertised as such. It should technically be food safe, but without FDA approval it cannot be used and advertised as such.  

How many ounces are in the bottles, so I know whether I need to buy this or a bigger size for several simple crack repairs, some small castings for repairs, and doing some testing first with color matching and frosting/etching matching before using on the items to be repaired.

The 1/2 pound kit is 8 ounces total: 6 ounces of A and 2 ounces of B.

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  • Tensile Strength: 5400psi
  • Tensile Modulus: 316,000psi
  • Elongation: 3%
  • Flexural Strength: 10,100psi
  • Flexural Modulus: 365,000psi
  • Impact Strength: 0.14ft lbs per inch
  • Shore D Hardness: 78
  • Refractive Index: 1.515
  • Gel Time: 110g at 100 degrees F - 262.7minutes
  • Cure time of 0.2mm film at 25 degree C: Cure to touch- 15.3 hours. Full Cure - 30.9 hours