How Best to Use HXTAL for Bonding Glass

One of our most requested products and one of the most requested Learn Videos we have is the HXTAL NYL-1 epoxy adhesive. HXTAL is wildly popular as a glass bonding adhesive for it’s longevity, clarity, and ease of use in multiple scenarios. We already had a short Learn video on using HXTAL as a clear […]

Automated Quotes and Shipping

While some of you may be aware that we have been having some issues with our shipping options recently, many of you may not have noticed the issue at all. It has mostly revolved around the US Postal Service and some options for LTL freight shipments for larger machinery. We have been working on solutions […]

Belts Aren’t Just Fashion Statements

When it comes to belt use and coldworking there are a surprising number of options out there for working your glass. While it can be overwhelming and seem a bit daunting it can be rather easily broken down in various categories. For basic grinding and removal of material from you glass pieces we will, most […]