The Ability to Laugh at Ourselves

One of the single greatest things for your health and well-being is the ability to laugh at yourself and not take everything you do too seriously. Anthony Scala has managed to create not one, but TWO fantastic videos that give us both a break from the day to day of our lives and allow us […]

Fingerprint Proof Your Blasted Boro

Sandblasting boro glass is becoming increasingly popular, but with that popularity also comes some drawbacks of only being able to sandblast the surface of the glass. Water spots and fingerprints are the eternal enemy of sandblasted glass giving it a mottled and disasterous surface appearance after only a few handlings. But what can we do […]

Did You Know…

That our electroplated diamond disks and resin bonded diamond smoothing pads are all manufactured here in Asheville, North Carolina? We will often get the question on whether our diamond disks are made in China or not and we’re constantly surprised that this question continues to make the rounds. We’re very proud of the fact that […]