A Lower Cost of Entry

We have, for years, been very proud of being able to offer some of the highest quality coldworking tools and equipment that we can find. We use many of the same tools we sell ourselves so we value having a quality tool for our work. That being said, there are times when we want to […]

New Wheels for an Awesome Grind

Some of our favorite wheels here in the shop are sintered diamond cutting and engraving wheels. With the sintered diamond, the wheel maintains a consistent cut rate over time and consistent surface appearance whenever you use it on your glass. That alone is a massive plus for using sintered diamond wheels, but they also cut […]

Water Not Included

With Suhner’s abrupt discontinuation of their water fed grinders we’ve had a number of people who have asked about availability of the extremely popular 2 inch LXB-10 grinder. While Suhner is completely sold out of this model now, there is the non-water fed version of this 2 inch grinder available. The LPB12 grinder is the […]