Coming to the end of another year it’s nice to reflect back on where we started and where we’ve progressed to.

Coming to the end of another year it’s nice to reflect back on where we started and where we’ve progressed to.

(Mark prepping orders for diamond disks circa 1996)

In doing so, the realization we come to is that we have some of the greatest customers in the world. We’d like to let you know how great you really are and the things you have accomplished over the years by trusting us with your coldworking needs.

Over the span of the last 27 years you have managed to keep employed several employees whom are paid a certified living wage

for the area we live in. That means that you have helped in providing homes and stability for entire families over the last 25 years.

A number of these employees have been the same people you talk to, order from, and get advice from for decades. In a world where people hop from job to job we have a CEO that has been with the company for 24 years, a production manager who has been here for 15 years overseeing the creation of your diamond disks, and a sales manager that has been here for 12 years. That’s a lot of coldworking experience that you can call upon!

(Bob at an early trade show circa 1999)

Over the years, your patronage has allowed us to increase our tool offering from only offering diamond disks and smoothing pads to offering adhesives, machinery, grinding wheels, health products, and many, many more items that are continuing to grow every year. We’ve also managed to keep our prices as low as we possibly can with some products still the same price as when we first started carrying them and many of the products we produce seeing only minimal price increases over the decades instead of the yearly price increases many companies make on their products.

(GAS tech display circa 2014)

You’ve also helped us to help others, with donations to educational institutions like Urban Glass; educators; local, regional, and international glass clubs and societies like GAS; disaster relief agencies like CERF; and many more. We’ve been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, tools and monetary support to these groups and organizations because of you!

(Mark teaching at Glass Craft and Bead Expo circa 2017)

Along with supporting education outside our own company you also make it possible for us to expand education from within His Glassworks. Our extensive knowledge of coldworking tools and techniques from employees who have worked with glass for decades is a source unlike any other on the planet. Our Learn section of videos, our FAQ section and our available phone and email support is only possible because of your continued support.

That’s an amazing list of things that you, our customers, make possible!

We’re so proud to be of service to the glass community and that you have helped us to accomplish so much over the years. We can’t wait to see what we can do together in the coming years.

Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!