Discontinuation of Suhner Wet Tools

We were informed this morning that Suhner in Sweden has decided to discontinue their wet use tool line including their electric UXK-4 model and their pneumatic LXC-4 model. We no longer have any stock on either of these models.

The smaller 2 inch LXB-10 grinder has also been discontinued but we have 2 pieces currently in stock and the possiblity of 5 more available from Sweden from the remaining stock there.

These will be a first come, first served grinder so when they are sold out, that will be all that is available.

We still have plenty of stock on 2 inch backer pads for the LXB and will continue to carry 2 inch diamond disks and electrostatic disks for the existing LXB users and for the Alpha AIR-300 2 inch pneumatic grinder.