Expanded Grinding Range

If you haven’t used our resin diamond smoothing wheels before, you should treat yourself to a fantastic way to finish off both batuto, lens work, and flat surface work.

The hub is a blank extruded urethane core that maintains shape and profile even under heavy use and the rim is coated with a resin bonded diamond material. The same material we use on our flat laps is used to coat the rim of the radiused or flat wheel.

These wheels give an unsurpassed cleaning ability on pre-ground surfaces, moving from rough cleanup to fine pre-polish quickly and efficiently.

Recently we have added to our standard routine of 220 grit, 325 grit, and 600 grit a rougher 100 grit option in both our radiused and flat edged smoothing wheels.

This gives the ability to do a very quick clean up on your glass to remove a multitude of stray scratches and deeper penetration of the glass from earlier steps. A great way to prep the surface for further pre-polish and finish up with a quick and easy final polish.

We can even make these wheels in custom sizes and profiles for you.