HXTAL Education Promo

His Glassworks, in conjunction with HXTAL Adhesive, LLC is proud to announce our Education Promotion for qualified Educational Institutions.


The plan is simple:

  1. If you are a college, university, or studio that teaches classes utilizing HXTAL NYL-1, then any kits purchased for resale from His Glassworks along with any A-1100 Amino Silane, bulb pipets, glass stirring rods, DW100AX digital scales and mixing cups will receive a 30% discount off the retail price.
  2. With your initial HXTAL kit purchase, His Glassworks will also donate a 1 pound kit of HXTAL NYL-1 for the institution’s use for their classes. This donation is a one time offer for the first order placed under this promotion. Any subsequent kits would fall under the 30% discount structure.
  3. That’s it!

We did tell you it was simple.

This is an excellent way for your university or studio to expand the knowledge of the world’s best optical epoxy, HXTAL NYL-1 and also enable you to make some extra money from your classes by directly supplying your students with the tools they need once the class is finished.


To take part in this promotion, just give us a call at 828-254-2559 or 800-914-7463 or drop us an email and let us know you’d like to take part.

If you order online, just let us know that you’d like to participate and all future online orders will reflect your discount appropriately.

This promotion is ongoing so you can comfortably plan your future purchases with no concern that you’ll lose your new discount.

It’s our way of helping you, the educator, expand the knowledge of the glassworking tool base.