Resources LINKS



  • Bullseye Glass – One of the greatest glass manufacturers around. A wealth of knowledge and learning and some awesome glass as well. Be sure to support them.



  • DC Glassworks – classes and rental space
  • Denault Studio – supplies and classes for stained glass and jewelry among others.
  • Design Glass – Australian outlet for stained glass and warm glass equipment, classes and resources.
  • Diablo Glass School – Need to learn glassblowing, glass fusing, or metalworking? This is the place to go. Studio time and classes available.


  • East Falls Glassworks – If you’re in the Philadelphia area and need to take a class or even rent some glassblowing space for while, you need to check out East Falls Glass.
  • Electroglass – Need or interested in converting your furnace to electric? If you are, then Steve Sinotte is your man. Go check him out!
  • Eugene Glass School – classes in and about glass in all forms and uses


  • Fantasy In Glass – Canadian stained glass suppliers
  • – A great resource for all things fused glass, including News, Frequently asked questions, tips and hints and a forum for asking the questions you just can’t find the answers to.
  • Fusion Headquarters – stained glass supplies

  • The Glass Art Society (GAS) – If you like glass at all, looking at it, through it under it, working with it, smelling it- well you get the point, then the Glass Art Society is your ticket.
  • Glass Art Magazine – a wealth of information and ideas!
  • GAS member websites – a great listing of artists who belong to the Glass Art Society.
  • – online galleries for artists
  • Glassblower Info – site dedicated to information on off-hand glassblowing
  • GlassFacts – daily tidbits of glass information to expand your knowledge
  • The Glass Guild of Utah – Membership, meetings, education and showcases. If you’re in Utah (or even if you’re not), take a look at the Glass Guild.
  • Glass Line – Glass information, newsletter, pictures, and resources.
  • Glass Notes – a companion site for the book of the same name. Henry Halem has collected a wealth of knowledge concerning anything and everything about glass. If you want to know how its done, ask Henry. Oh, and buy the book!
  • Glass Patterns Quarterly – stained glass patterns


  • Handmade Glass – Brad Shute’s comprehensive look at resources for the glass artist along with some other fun tidbits.
  • HandMade in America – Western North Carolina Craft Artist association includes a registry of artists.
  • Hot Glass Bits – Mike Firth’s site devoted to glass information exchange. Quite an excellent and growing site. Drop by.
  • Hot Glass Color – color rods and accessories
  • Hub Glass – Hot working equipment and supplies


  • IGGA – International Guild of Glass Artists web site. A fascinating site full of information, deals, and links to a myriad of glass blowing sites. Albert Lewis has compiled and put forth a fantastic effort here, check it out!



  • LB Glass – imported glass for castings.


  • Loetz Glass – an excellent site with a very detailed history of Loetz glass.


Mountain Glass Arts – wonderful group of guys and local to us here in Asheville. They’ll have all your lampwork, flamework, fusing and casting supplies.


  • Northern Heat– home of the Gott Steamer hand shaping pads. Ever want to shape your hot glass with out smoke and ash? Give these beauties a try!
  • Northwest Iron Works – tools and equipment for hot work


  • Oatka School of Glass- If you’re looking for a great place to take classes in hot and cold work, this is it.
  • Olympic Color Rods – If you’re in the market for glass rod, there is no place better.
  • On Display – John Scott and company create some of the finest bases for the display of your glass in both lighted and rotating styles. Refined and beautiful looking, these are perfect for a classy display!


  • Paul Nulton – glass and crystal repair
  • Public Glass– Looking to take a class in hot glass work? Need some studio space to make your creations? Public glass can help with both. Hot glass classes ranging from beginning to advanced glassblowing, pate de verre, and kiln forming along with studio space for rent. Who could ask for more?



  • Ross Art Studio– Looking for some help accomplishing a particularly difficult casting or just need some extra parts made for your piece? Linda Ross and company at Ross Art Studio specialize in casting and formulation by artists for artists.


  • Steinert Industries -Need I say more?! Some of the best tools in the industry. From blow pipes and punties, to mold and machinery. If John doesn’t have it, he’ll probably make it.
  • Studio 34 – Classes from hot glass, to fusing, to bead making, to business organization.
  • Stained Glass Education Resource – A fantastic page with links to the history and techniques of stained glass creation.





  • Wet Dog Glass– another great site for hot glass tools and accessories (you know we have to be a bit partial to anyone who uses their dogs).
  • Wilt Industries – Scientific and Artistic Glassblowing supplies
  • Wissmach Glass – great source for all your sheet glass needs from stained glass to kiln glass.