Gemini Revolution XT Ring Saw 110V/60Hz with Single Sided Glass Blade

Gemini's Revolution XT Ring Saw is truly a revolution in cutting your glass. With the Revolution XT you are able to cut straight and curved cuts through your glass with the centerless ring blade. You can pass your glass through the center of the blade for cuts that are impossible with any typical wet saw. The Gemini Revolution XT ring saw in 110V/60Hz comes with a Single Sided Glass Blade for cutting straight lines on thicker materials. If you would prefer a different blade with your saw, we can switch them out for you with only the difference in price between the two blades. Gives us a call for this service.
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Customer Questions
I"ve heard warnings that this saw goes through bearings, belts and other parts fast. If I'm sawing no more than , say 3 hours per week with it, and I'm careful about cleaning etc., what kind of parts will I need to replace per year?

It can be difficult to say. It will depend on the type of material, thickness and length. We recommended cleaning the saw regularly to keep bits of glass and debris out of the grommets and belt which will help keep the parts lasting longer. In general...

What is the widest diameter bottle you can cut with the revolution XT saw?

About a 4 inch diameter bottle if you cut straight through the blade. If you "roll" the bottle then you can cut about any size diameter with this.

Will the Rev XT have any difficulty in cutting through Opal Pot Melts? I tried with the Taurus 3 and burned out the motor no matter how slow I went.

The Taurus 3 is meant for cutting thinner material, no thicker than about 1/4 inch at most. The blades are also electroplated diamond so they will wear much faster and bog down. The Revolution XT is a a much more powerful motor with a 10 inch sintered...

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  • A finishing saw that is ideal for cutting precise smooth cuts in glass, tile, marble, granite, and many other materials.
  • Can cut forwards and backwards with a double sided blade
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