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Unboxing and Setting up a Covington 12 inch Lap Grinder


Getting To Know Your Flat Lap Grinder

Lap grinders are some of the most useful coldworking tools available, but they can be confusing to set up and get prepped for using your diamond disks for grinding. We'll help walk you through setting up your lap grinder quickly and easily


Just Like Christmas

With larger, heavier items like the 12 inch Covington grinder, it's important to make unboxing as easy as possible and to make sure you have all the pieces required to assemble your grinder.

Stand and Deliver

The Covington grinder is built for a sitting grinding position. For standing grinding, you will want to look into raising the grinder up slightly by use of the grinder stand or by building your own box to raise the grinder up slightly. Making sure all pieces are level is also important to prevent any undue stress on the mechanical parts of the grinder.



Making sure all your parts and pieces are accounted for is very important both for water hookup and the ability to switch out center plugs for items like the CBA adaptor that allows the use of cones and domes in the center of your grinder

Hook Me Up

Water is vitally important for the running of the Covington grinder so hooking up your water source is the most important aspect of setting up your grinder. The simple push-to-connect adaptor on the water manifold of the grinder makes it simple to use either a submersible pump system or a direct water line with a hose pipe or spigot


Putting it All Together

Assembling the water source, afixing the drain line correctly, and making sure you are properly operating the center water feed will keep your shop and grinder running efficiently and cleanly for years to come.