New Wheels for an Awesome Grind

Some of our favorite wheels here in the shop are sintered diamond cutting and engraving wheels.

With the sintered diamond, the wheel maintains a consistent cut rate over time and consistent surface appearance whenever you use it on your glass. That alone is a massive plus for using sintered diamond wheels, but they also cut faster at the same grit level as an electroplated wheel and leave a finer surface than the comparable plated wheels at the same grit level. It’s like a win-win!

Our newest sintered diamond wheels are a new routine of engraving wheels in Full Circle Olive Cut and in V-groove wheels. Our new sintered engraving wheels come from Dias in the Czech Republic.

We’ve been super impressed with the quality and cut of the Dias sintered engraving wheels and we think you will as well. Each engraving wheel also comes with two dressing sticks that allow your to keep your wheels running true and smooth.

As alwasys, if you have a specific wheel need in a certain diameter, profile or grit; we can get that custom made for you.