His Glassworks Announces Price Increases on Electroplated Diamond Disks

We regret to inform everyone that beginning May 15th there will be a price increase on our electroplated diamond disks of between 5 and 12 percent.

We’ve been holding pricing on our diamond disks for the last two years in hopes that metal prices like copper and nickel would return to previous cost levels, but it appears that is not going to be the case and we are unable to absorb those increases any longer on our disks.

The largest cost in a diamond disk is actually the nickel that is grown on the disk to hold the diamonds. The larger the diamond, the more nickel must be put onto a disk to hold the diamond in place. Our rougher grits disks will experience a price increase closer to 12% and the our finer grits will experience a price increase closer to 5% to compensate for the extreme rise in the price of nickel of the last two years.

We do apologize that we are forced to institute this increase and will be looking into ways to reduce costs over the next few years to try and bring disk pricing back down but until metal prices return to a lower price point we are left with no alternative but to raise the prices on our disks.

With this price increase, we are also looking at disks that are rarely ordered and streamlining our plating process. To that end we are no longer going to offer 14 and 16 inch disks starting today.

We have struggled with this decision for the last two years, but found that we had no choice but to make this adjustment for our own continued ability to provide these tools to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.