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18 Inch LP66 Polishing Pad

18 Inch LP66 Polishing Pad

18 Inch LP66 Polishing Pad


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LP66 is an extruded urethane material that is naturally hydrophobic. It will hold onto your cerium slurry while sluffing off the water. This gives it the ability to polish very quickly while generating far less heat and friction than Synthetic Felt. Due to the higly hydrophobic nature of the material, it will take longer to charge up with cerium than the Synthetic felt, but it will last longer and give less edge rounded than the Synthetic felt.

  • LP66 is a cerium filled micro-cellular foam elastomer for precision optics and polishing with critical tolerances
  • Although cerium is used as a binding agent in the pad, it still must be used with cerium slurry to accomplish your polish
  • Rigid and comparatively porous cast polyurethane for consistetn flatness and easy swarf removal from surface
  • Micro cells in the LP material hold polishing slurry and "meter" the slurry to the working surface for easy surface polishing with less cerium use

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