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3M 4 Inch x 106 Inch Cerium Impregnated Polishing Belt

3M 4 Inch x 106 Inch Cerium Impregnated Polishing Belt

3M 4 Inch x 106 Inch Cerium Impregnated Polishing Belt


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3M's 568XA cerium impregnated Trizact belts are used with just water to polish surfaces that have been properly prepped for pre-polish. The belts are a thin backed material so your sander tension and tracking will need to be adjusted to compensate for the thinner backing material.

Please be aware that cerium belts are very thin material and the joint will create a high spot on the belt. Applying too much pressure to the belt can catch a piece at the joint and rip the belt. This is not a defective belt and we will no longer be replacing cerium belts for rips at the joint as this is a user error and not a defect in the belt.

  • 3M 568XA Cerium impregnated Trizact material in belt form
  • Tension on your belt sander must be adjusted for the thinner backed material in order to run these belts properly without drift
  • Be careful not to adjust your tension too tight as it puts undue stress on the belt joint and can cause premature joint failure
  1. Don\'t bother Review by ANDREW

    I have found that almost all cerium impregnated products are a far cry from the real thing, and this belt is no exception. The belt has a lot of flex to it and is really difficult to track properly. Once running, any lateral motion with pressure will send the belt flying off the drums and will be ruined. Total garbage. Go with the synthetic felt belt with real cerium. (Posted on 8/26/2015)

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