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3M Spindle Extender Kit

3M Spindle Extender Kit

3M Spindle Extender Kit


SKU: 3M-300

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We cannot tell you how many people have asked us for something like this. This little spindle extender fits onto any 5/8"-11 shaft and extends the spindle out by around 5 inches. It comes with spacers, a washer and lock washer. What can you do with it you ask? Well, they sky's the limit. Imagine being able to put a Spherical Miracle or Sintered Radiused wheel on your right angle grinder. Or maybe taking some felt disks and stacking them together to create a polishing flap wheel for your hard to polish areas. Or even try a diamond saw blade on your right angle grinder. The possibilities are endless. Obviously you will need to come up with a water delivery system for this type of setup and safety glasses are a must, but this little attachement could really open up some possibilities for your work.

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