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8 Inch Mini Lap Grinder (Loc-Line Water)

8 Inch Mini Lap Grinder (Loc-Line Water)

8 Inch Mini Lap Grinder (Loc-Line Water)


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The 8 inch Mini Lap grinder come equipped with a 1/4HP motor and steel wheel head for easy changing of diamond disks for grinding and polishing smaller glass surface like murrini, jewelry, and other small surface area grinding projects. The Loc-Line water delivery system has a side mounted water manifold with 1/4 inch tubing push-to-connect adaptor and adjustable flow valve on the Loc-LIne and a bottom cup for the drain line on the grinder. The plastic splash guard is height adjustable and can be removed for working larger size pieces across the disk surface. The wheel head has a 5/8 inch screw head exposed which requires disks to have a 5/8 inch center hole.

  • 1/4HP variable speed direct drive motor
  • Solid Steel wheel head for easy disk placement
  • Removable, height adjustable splash guard
  • Water manifold with 1/4 inch push-to-connect adaptor and Loc-line flexible hose with adjustable valve
  1. Good entry level grinder but... Review by Robert

    I have had this grinder for 6 months now and I like it but... there are a few things I would change. The one I will mention here is the screw that holds the steel base plate on the spindle. The button head is 9/16" and it should be 5/8" to match the arbor (hole) of the diamond coated disks commonly used with this grinder. The gap makes it so you have to mess around quite a bit to get the disk centered on the plate. If you don't there is a ton of wobble and vibration, making the machine unusable. Since the disks I like are magnet backed for easy changing, centering the disk is a real pain. The convenience of easy change is negated by the pain of centering and balancing the disk. Other than that, the Loc-Line is great when paired with a $10 aquarium pump. Aside from a few minor issues this grinder certainly gets the job done. (Posted on 2/29/2016)

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