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1 Pint Liquid Luster Sandblast Coating

1 Pint Liquid Luster Sandblast Coating

1 Pint Liquid Luster Sandblast Coating



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Liquid Luster is an air cured sealant for sandblasted glass surfaces. It fills in all the microscopic cracks and fissures in your glass and effectively fingerprint proofs the surface. It can be applied in a single coat to retain most of the sandblasted appearance or it can be applied in multiple layers to create a more transluscent effect on the glass. Being an air cured material we suggest only pouring our the amount you need for the project at hand and cap the can as soon as possible. We also have customers who use marbles to fill in the can as the material is used to keep the liquid level near the top of the can. Any air trapped in the can will start to cure your Liquid Luster.

  • Liquid Luster is an air cured material so it is vitally important not to leave the can open for extended periods of time as it will solidify the material over time
  • Easy application with a single layer of material effectively fingerprint proofing and sealing sandblasted surfaces
  1. Works well for sandblasted surfaces Review by ELODIE

    Liquid Lust'er works well for sealing a sandblasted surface. I find that 2 or more coats works better on darker colors. Also, we try not to place the sandblasted object on a textured surface (like a paper towel or non-skid rubber mat) before Lustering. Sometimes the texture stays on the glass surface after Lustering. (Posted on 2/20/2017)

  2. Easy to use Review by SAM

    Quick work of sealing sandblasted surface (Posted on 1/13/2017)

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