Using HXTAL as a Clear Coat on Glass

Using HXTAL as a Clear Coat on Glass


HXTAL's versatility is one of it's most fascinating aspects. The ability to thin down the epoxy to create clear coats on the surface of materials gives an added dimension to the projects that can be utilized with HXTAL. Creating a protective, clear barrier on pieces can be a boon to outdoor work or pieces that have sensitive surface preparations.


The viscosity of HXTAL, when freshly mixed, is comparable to a typical corn syrup viscosity. This is far too thick to use as an adequate thin coating material. With the long chemical reaction for HXTAL, you can actually use acetone or similar solvents to mix into your HXTAL to thin it down. Mixtures can be made up to 50/50 but is seldom required to go that far to achieve an adequately thinned mixture of HXTAL. Simply apply acetone to your freshly mixed HXTAL and mix until clear again to achieve the desired viscosity for your project. The long cure time of HXTAL allows the acetone to evaporate before the chemical bonds in HXTAL begin to form.


Application of a thinned HXTAL is super easy by using a bristle brush, foam brush, or any other application method. HXTAL will easily self level at this viscosity and you simply allow it the full 7 day cure time to adequately evaporate the acetone and fully cure. You end up with a thin, hard shell covering for your piece that maintains clarity and longevity of protection on the piece. Be sure to allow the full room temperature cure cycle to make sure the acetone has time and ventilation to remove from the HXTAL before setup begins.