Using Sintered Core Drills With a Drill Head Assembly

Using Sintered Core Drills With a Drill Head Assembly


All diamond tools should be used with water and none as much as a sintered diamond tool. Sintered core drills especially will perform best when used with the proper amount of water to keep them cool and to flush the ground glass from the hole as you drill. A Drill Head Assembly is the perfect device to supply a constant flow of water through the sintered core drill to maintain proper lubrication and clearance through the glass as you drill.


One of the biggest problems we see with water fed Drill Head Assemblies are customers not getting them mounted straight into their drill press. The Drill Head Assembly itself is CNC manufactured to very precise tolerances and will be very straight from the shaft to the threaded mount. Drill presses on the other hand are typically not machined to precise tolerances and the chucks that the Drill Head Assembly fit into can be off by quite a lot. It may take three or four times for you to get the Drill Head Assembly straight in your drill press, but the extra time re-seating it is worth it for you work.


Getting the Drill Head Assembly correctly connected is a simple, yet important step. DO NOT use the Drill Head Assembly with a household water supply. The pressure on the line is far too great and will blow the seals on the Drill Head Assembly. And remember, there is a difference between volume and pressure. Just turning down the water doesn't decrease the pressure. Use a Submersible pump with the Drill Head Assembly to give your tools the longest possible life. You can recycle your water with a core drill system, so just have your drain pan drain into your bucket with the submersible pump and you have a closed water system for your core drills.


Sintered core drills have a very soft metal tip that has diamond impregnated throughout the tip of the drill. This makes for very quick and efficient drilling with minimal chipping and clean edges, but it's important to remember that slow and steady is your friend. A good up and down motion to allow the Drill Head Assembly to flush the ground glass from the area being drilled will go far towards making a great hole in your glass and keeping your core drills lasting a long, long time.


Speaking of soft metal tips. It's vitally important to watch your drilling and be sure not to drill without water especially if the core of glass ends up blocking your core drill. You can quickly overheat your drill, destroy the soft diamond tip and potentially crack your glass. If you do plug up your drill and glaze the tip with glass, be sure to have a dressing stick on hand to clean off the tip and expose new diamonds on your drill.