Coating Sandblasted Surfaces with Liquid Luster

Coating Sandblasted Surfaces with Liquid Luster


When you work with sandblasted glass surfaces you know how quickly those surface can go from a lovely frosted look to a mess of fingerprints, waterspots, dust and grime. It can quickly ruin the attractive finish on your glass. Liquid Luster is a fantastic alternative to "quick and dirty" fixes like armor-all and oils for sealing your sandblasted surfaces and fingerprint proofing the surface for years to come. It's incredible easy to apply and covers a large amount of material quickly and efficiently.


With Liquid Luster it's all about speed, so proper preparation ahead of time is very important. It's best to try and have several pieces to work on at one time so you can maximize the Liquid Luster you are using in one sitting. Having your materials set up ahead of time and making sure you have enough wipes available to adequately clear off the excess Liquid Luster on your pieces will go a long way towards having a clean, streak free appearance on your glass that you'll be proud of.


It was good enough for The Karate Kid and it'll be good enough for you. Liquid Luster is super simple to work with: Wipe On. Wipe Off. The goal is to quickly fill all the cracks, crevices, and fissures that sandblasting creates in the surface of your glass and then to quickly wipe away any excess material so you end up with a clean even surface on your glass. For deeper sandblasting or for surfaces that need to have a brighter sheen, you can apply multiple layers of Liquid Luster to achieve varying effects on your glass. You can even use Liquid Luster after Vari-Etch acid etching to achieve an even greater lusterous glow to your glass.


Liquid Luster is actually an air cured material so you don't have to worry about any hardeners or mixing, but you do need to be careful about your unused material. Once you start to empty the container of Liquid Luster you'll leave space in the container where air will get trapped and continue to cure the material. One of the easiest ways to mitigate that issue is to use glass marbles to raise the level of your Liquid Luster back to the top of the can after you use it. You'll trap less air in the container and keep your Liquid Luster viable for a longer period of time.