Faceting A Marble With A LapDancer Faceting Arm

Faceting A Marble With A LapDancer Faceting Arm

What is a LapDancer Faceting Arm?

The LapDancer faceting arm is an external faceting arm that can be used with any standard flat lap grinder from 8 inch up to 24 inch. Extremely versatile, it can handle small marbles and beads all the way up to larger paperweights for faceting. If you already have a flat lap grinder this is perfect way to get into faceting work quickly and easily and if you don't already have a flat lap, the combination of a small grinder and the LapDancer opens up new possibilities for your work without breaking the bank.

Prepping Your Piece

The dop is the part of the faceting arm that you attach your working piece to. It's a removable piece that you mount your glass or stone to and then re-attach to the faceting arm. With the LapDancer it is a standard 3/8 inch coupling nut available from most hardware stores so it's simple to obtain and use. Simply use a two part hardware store epoxy to mount your piece to the dop

Attach Your Piece

Once the epoxy has cured you can attach your piece to the LapDancer faceting arm to prepare for faceting the work. Simple screw the dop onto the arm and tighten with the lock nut to prevent any shifting while faceting.

Get Your Angles

If you've never faceted before, it will be good to have a cheat sheet for your angle selections on your piece until you are comfortable with faceting pieces. You can go to Prismware's Facet Calculator to easily set up a faceting routine with angles to get you started on your faceting journey.

Start Your First Grind

When starting your first angles it's very important not to overdo it. Keep count of the number of passes for each facet so they will all be the same size. Precision and patience is the key when faceting work. Take your time and double check before moving on. Once you change an angle, there is no going back.

Pre-polish Your facets

With small surface areas like facets you can easily move from a very fine grit first grind to a fine grit resin diamond for your pre-polish. While the facet sizes will increase some, the finer grit smoothing pad will keep excess growth of the facet to a minimum before the polish step.

Final Polish on Your First Facet

The polish stage is where the real magic happens. Here you don't have to keep count of every swipe on each facet as the polish stage will not increase the size of the facet itself but will expose the beauty of your faceting work. Once each facet is polished, you're ready to move to your next face angle...

Second Time Around

Now that you've finished your facets on your first face angle, reset the LapDancer faceting arm for your second face angle and repeat the grinding, pre-polish and polish steps again on this new line of angles.

Finish Your Piece

Now that you've finished your first two tiers of face angles, re-set your LapDancer faceting arm to the third face angle and grind, pre-polish, and polish your final routine of angles for your finished piece. Enjoy your success!