Setting Up a Covington 761 Wet Belt Sander

Setting Up a Covington 761 Wet Belt Sander


Covington's 761 Wet Belt Sander is a fantastic piece of equipment for the small shop or teaching studio. Utilizing 3 inch x 41-1/2 inch belts, the 761 sander fits conveniently on a tabletop and makes working bevels, facets, and edge work a breeze. The 761 may seem complicated and difficult to set up and work with on a daily basis, but we'll show you how to quickly and easily set up and use your 761 so it becomes a valuable member of your coldshop and not an ostracized outcast.


That's exactly what we don't want to happen when hooking up water to your 761. The spray valve on the 761 utilizes a compression nut to crimp the water line tight once it is inserted into the spray valve. Compression nuts are made for copper water lines and work fabulously with those. But most plumbing on a small scale is moving towards polyethylene water lines and compression nuts crimp those lines too much and cause leaking at the insertion point. We'll show you how to mitigate this issue when adding your water line to the 761.


The routine for tension and tracking of your abrasive belts is the source of most of the frustration on the 761 sander. Oddly enough, once you learn how the tension bolt and tracking knob work in unison to mount and straighten your belts, you'll be amazed that it was ever a problem. We'll show you how these two adjustments work to quickly and easily mount and center your abrasive belts. Your belt sander will soon become your new best friend!

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