Setting Up an MK-101 Wet Tile Saw

Setting Up an MK-101 Wet Tile Saw


The MK 101-24 is a fantastic wet saw for all your cutting needs. It's compact and easy to work with and handles most cutting projects you throw at it. This page will walk you through the pieces that come with your saw and how to put them together for the best usage in your shop.


While the length of the MK 101-24 wet saw is great for the ability to cut longer spans of material, it can be a little hard to reach the blade in the standard setup. Before we put together the saw, we'll make a small adjustment in the frame to move the motor and the blade closer to you.


The motor and blade assembly for the MK 101-24 is surely the star of the show. Compact and powerful, it is easy to assembly on the frame and super simple to adjust for various cutting heights. Take a look on how to mount your motor for the easiest reach while working your pieces.


Don't get distressed by all the parts and pieces that come with the MK 101-24. It may seem like a lot of random parts, but they all have a place to go and it's all very simple and quick to put them there. Take a look at the final touches on the MK 101-24 assembly.


The most important part of your saw is, of course, the blade you use. While the blades that come with the saw will work for heavy cutting, they will definitely leave more chipping on your glass. Mounting and using the proper blade is vital to getting the most use from your saw and the best results