Blade Choices for Millefore Cuts

Blade Choices for Millefore Cuts

Thin Kerf Electroplated Blades

If you're looking for the thinnest cut possible, then a thin kerf electroplated blade is the one you're looking for. Available in 6 inch and 10 inch, these blades are extremely thin for minimal material waste. They are shorter lasting than other styles blades, but also far less expsensive.

Resin Diamond Blades

Unlike electroplated diamond blades that only have one layer of diamond, resin diamond blades have diamond throughout the rim of phenolic resin on the blade. That means you can dress the blade when it begins to wear to expose new diamonds. While resin blades give a virtually chip-free cut and clean surfaces, they are extremely expensive and very fragile.

Sintered Diamond Blades

Like resin diamond blades, sintered blades have diamond all throughout the rim of the blade. As the blade wears, you can dress it to expose new diamonds giving the blade an extremely long life. They are less expensive than resin diamond blades but more expensive than electroplated blades but with a longer life than either. Sintered blades range from rough grits to fine grit blades.