5 Gallon Vari-Etch Frosting Powder

The Vari-Etch Frosting Powder is a crystline mixture of chemicals that when combined with boiling water will create an etching liquid for frost etching glass. Once the Vari-Etch is mixed you can dip your glass pieces into the liquid for a full surface frost etch on the glass. You can mask areas with stencils like 3M's Buttercut material or etch entire surface. Four to five minutes in the Vari-Etch solution gives an excellet frosted appearance to most glass surfaces. Vari-Etch will not etch borosilicate glass and each specific type of glass should be tested before widespread etching use is attempted. Available in Quart, Gallon, and 5 Gallon containers.
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  • Vari-Etch Powder is a crystaline powder that when mixed with boiling water will create a weak flouridic acid
  • Vari-etch will not etch borosilicate glass
  • Different colors can etch at different rates so test multiple colors before attempting to etch
  • 4-5 minutes will generally provide an adequate etch on most glass surfaces
  • Vari-etch can be neutralized in a baking soda bath
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • do not drink or ingest materials
  • Download and view instructions and MSDS sheets before using Vari-Etch