18 Inch 220 Grit Resin Diamond Smoothing Pre-Polish Pad

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Our Resin Diamond Smoothing Pads are used to pre-polish glass surfaces on your flat lap grinder. The resin based diamond gives a finer surface on the glass than a comparable electroplated diamond disk and allows you to easily finish and polish the glass surface. All disks are magnetically backed for easy placment on most flat lap grinders. Hole sizes are custom and need to be chosen when ordering.
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Customer Questions
The edges of my smoothing pad are curling up, what do I do?

This is something that happens from time to time on smoothing pads. The base material for the smoothing pad is a synthetic felt. Once the phenolic resin is applied to that felt and allowed to cure, it slightly shrinks the base material. Felt materials...

The color is coming off my smoothing pad, is it defective?

The coloring is simply a dye that is added to the phenolic resin to differentiate the grit on the pad. It actually has no usefulness on the pad at all beyond that. If color is coming off your smoothing pad, the pad itself should still be fine. It just...

My smoothing pad is turning white and isn't working as well as before, what's wrong?

If your smoothing pad has begun to turn white (especially along the edges of the disk), then you are beginning to trap ground glass into the underlying mesh of the felt substrate. Over time, this ground glass can build up to a point where it is covering...

The magnet is coming off the back of my smoothing pad, what do I do?

The easiest thing to do is to let the smoothing disk dry out completely, then use a spray adhesive to re-attach the magnet to the disk. Usually a magnet will start coming off only around the edges of a disk. Just spray the adhesive on both the magnet...

Do I use cerium oxide with the smoothing pad?

No. Our smoothing pads are actually a diamond disk that will grind your glass. Cerium is used for polishing your glass and is generally used with a carrier that has no grinding or polishing ability unto itself like the Synthetic Felt LP66 material ...

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  • Synthetic diamonds specially created for use in phenolic resins for longevity
  • Phenolic resin with impregnated diamond is bonded to a high quality optical synthetic felt base for pad integrity and consistent surface bond
  • Rubberized magnet is adhered to the back of the pad for easy application to flat lap grinders