3M 5 Inch Velcro Backed 400 Grit Electrostatic Diamond Disk

3M's 675L Electrostatic Diamod Disks with Velcro Backing work well as a pre-polishing step on 4 Inch Velcro Backer Pads for right angle grinders. The Electrostatic diamond surface gives a fantastic finish on your glass to polish from. These disks will wear quickly so we recommned getting mulitples.
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Customer Questions
Is there any special handling for 3M's electrostatic diamond disks?

Not really. You use the electrostatic diamond material the same way you would any other diamond material. Be sure to use a proper amount of water and go to work.  If you're using the electrostatic diamond material as a belt, you should be aware that...

What's the difference between electroplated and electrostatic diamond disks?

Electroplated disks have diamonds that are locked into place with a layer of nickel that is grown up around the diamond in a chemical bath. The diamonds are rigid and will give a very aggressive grind on your glass. These are generally used for rough...

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  • 3M 675L electrostatic diamond material with loop backing for easy controlled grinding of multiple surfaces including glass, lapidary, and ceramic