6 Inch x 1-1/2 Inch Flat Edged Felt Polishing Wheel

Our rock hard natural wool flat edged felt polishing wheels are used with either pumice or cerium slurry for a pre-polish or polish on your glass surfaces. The flat edge make surface polishing quick and easy on larger flat surfaces. The wheels come standard with a 1 inch arbor hole.
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Customer Questions
My felt wheels is bloated and misshapen, what happened?

Felt material is a porous natural wool felt and will have the tendency to swell when in lengthy contact with water. Under normal circumstances on a bench grinder or lathe there isn't enough continuous water contact to cause the wheels to swell significantly...

Does the felt wheel come with adapters for the 1" arbor so that it can be used on a 3/4" arbor?

No. You would have to purchase a bushing for hole sizes smaller than 1 inch. https://www.hisglassworks.com/telescoping-arbor-bushing-html.html

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