7 Inch x .060 x 5/8 Inch MK 215GL Fine Diamond Blade

The MK 215GL Diamond Blade is a fine cut sintered diamond blade that gives a virtually chip free cut on most glass pieces. It is a fine grit diamond so it will cut slower than most blades and will need to be dressed more often for efficient cutting results.
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Customer Questions
I’m a hobbyist so can’t buy an expensive tile saw but know I need a good blade. Would blade work with the Harbor Freight DIAMONDBACK 7 In. Heavy Duty Wet Tile Saw With Sliding Table? Also, if I get only 1 blade, should I get this one or a medium blade? Thanks in advance!

Most any decent wet saw will work well with glass. I recommend you going through our video on water use to make sure that it provides enough water: https://www.hisglassworks.com/support/sawblades/water-usage-with-glass-specific-diamond-blades.html &...

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MK Diamond makes this wet cutting tile blade to give you an inexpensive solution for cutting glass with a tile saw. These blades are manufactured to exact tolerances to ensure precise cutting, clean-cut edges, and long service life. They can cut through any type of glass with minimum chippage. These blades are made to retain their cutting edge so that they'll consistently deliver high performance at a low cost. These wet cutting blades are perfect for use with tile saws, hand held saws, portable saws and even cordless saws.