8 Inch 270 Grit Electroplated Diamond Disk

The 8 inch diamond disk in 270 grit is a fine grit diamond used after rough and medium grits and before a pre-polish step with resin based diamond Smoothing Pads
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Customer Questions
How do I make sure I'm removing the scratches from rougher grits when I work on the finer grits?

There is a very simple way to confirm this. As you are about to remove your piece from the rough grit wheel, hold it in one place for a few seconds so that all the scratches from the rough grit are going in one direction. When you grind your piece ...

My piece keeps "grabbing" the disk, especially at finer grits, what's going on?

This is almost always caused by using too much water on the finer grits. What's happening is you are hydroplaning on the disk. As you are grinding, you are actually floating on top of a layer of water, every so often you will displace enough of the water...

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  • Backed with rubberized magnet for easy application to metal wheel heads
  • Standard 5/8 inch center hole for use with Mini Grinder
  • Manufactured in Asheville NC, USA
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