Covington Professional Engraving Lathe 220V/50Hz


Covington's professional engraving lathe is the perfect replacement for the no longer available Spatzier engraving lathes. With a 8 inch long stainless steel shaft that accepts both 1 inch arbor hole and 1/2 inch arbor hole wheels. The .95nm torqe 220V 3 phase DC motor provides fantastic torque even at slower speeds and with the integrated variable speed motor controller, you have speeds available from 0 to 1750RPM at the simple twist of a dial. The compact lathe has it's own base table and water hookup so it's portable and easy to set up.

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Customer Questions
Hello Why didn't you make me use both sides of this product? Is there a reason? Is it possible to make it available on both sides?

Engraving lathes are generally only used with a single sided shaft in order to maintain a tighter tolerance on the shaft for finer work. We do carry the larger 4012 and 4013 lathes that are double sided shafts.

Is it possible to install? - 8 Inch x 1-1/2 Inch Flat Edged Felt Polishing Wheel

No. The engraving lathe is meant for smaller wheels up to 4 inch diameter.

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  • High torque DC motor with integrated electronic speed control
  • Single arm Stainless steel shaft with collars for both 1 inch and 1/2 inch arbor wheels
  • 220V/50Hz power for international use