LapDancer External Faceting Arm - Magpie

The LapDancer is an easy to use, versatile faceting arm system that can be used with virtually any flat lap grinder to quickly and easily create detailed and precise facets on your glass or stone. The LapDancer is simple to assemble and comes with the faceting arm assembly, base, mast and two angle selectors: a 30º selector with angles every 15 degrees and a 45º selector with angles every 22.5 degrees.
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Customer Questions
How does one attach a glass piece to the faceting arm? How large a piece can one reasonably put on there without worrying about it coming loose? Can one put a wider flange or plate on the end of the arm than the one you supply?

The dop for the LapDancer is a standard coupling nut available in any hardware store so you can easily purchase some and have backups on hand.  We recommend a hardware store 5 minute epoxy for mounting your glass to the dop. In testing the LapDancer...

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