12 Inch 60 Grit Electroplated Diamond Disk

Lead Time
2 – 4 weeks
The 12 inch diamond disk in 60 grit is a rough grit diamond used for first step grinding and shaping on most larger surface areas of glass. For smaller surfaces it can be followed by a fine grit diamond. For larger surfaces it should be followed by a medium grit diamond, and then a fine grit diamond before moving to resin for pre-polish. Disks are magnet backed for easy application and removal on lap grinder metal wheel heads.
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Customer Questions
Do you stock diamond disks?

In general, no.We mostly plate our disks as they are ordered. The main reason behind this is that many people require a center hole in their disks. These have to be cut in the blank disk before it is plated. We do try to keep 8 inch diamond disks and...

How long will my diamond disks last?

This is possibly the most asked and hardest to answer question we receive. Diamond disks are subject to a number of variables that will impact the lifespan of the disk. The main variable is how much glass you are grinding with it. If you're just doing...

I've dropped my diamond disk on its edge, is it destroyed?

t depends. Dropping a diamond disk on it's edge is about the worst thing you can do to it, but it depends on how bad the drop was as to if it is destroyed or not. If the edge has only slightly crinkled and the electroplating has not detached from the...

What's the best way to store my diamond disks?

Diamond disks can be stored by sticking them on the flat side of a refrigerator and/or metal filing cabinet (dry the magnet side first). If these surfaces are flat and clean they serve well as safe storage. You might want to let them hang off the edge...

My disk is leaving unwanted scratches in my glass, what's wrong?

There is, most likely, nothing wrong with your disk. All of our diamond disks come with a magnetic backing and, as magnets are want to do, they will attract metal objects. Oftentimes, the scratches you are seeing are coming from foreign objects embedded...

How much water should I use with my diamond disk?

Ah, water, elixir of life and bane of many a coldworker. Water can make or break how well your diamond disks work, and knowing how much water to use for particular steps can be the difference between joy and heartache. Rougher diamond disks like the...

I dropped a piece of glass on my disk, did I damage my disk?

Probably not. A dropped piece of glass is going to happen, at one point or another, to just about everyone. Our Electroplated disks are made strong enough to withstand most of those drops without any problem at all. At most you might notice a small...

How fast should I run my diamond disks?

The speed of your machine will depend on the size of your disk. Remember that diamonds like to run fast and, although you can run them slower, their efficiency will be greatly compromised by slower speeds. Our recommendations for shaft speed are these...

Is there any routine maintenance I should perform on my diamond disk?

Keeping your disk around and in working order for a very long time simply takes a few routine chores to keep it going. First off is cleanliness. The worst enemy to your diamond disk is glass. "How's that?", you say. Well, when you grind your pieces...

Which grits should I purchase? Do I need them all?

Different processes will require different diamond disks. On average, if you are working on pieces that are anywhere from 1 to 3 inches in diameter on the area to be ground, then you can usually start off with a 60 or 80 grit for the rough grind (60 ...

My electroplated diamond disk seems worn out, what can I do?

So your diamond disk isn't running quite the same anymore and you're ready to toss it out the window? Don't count it out just yet. There is a way to "re-dress" an electroplated disk to get the most possible life out of them. If your disk is running...

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  • Backed with rubberized magnetic backing for easy application to metal wheel wheel heads
  • Electroplated on fiberboard substrate with copper laminate for rust-free operation over the lifespan of the disk
  • Disk are plated in a continuously rotating schedule of size and grit. Disks are plated as they are ordered and can take up to 4 weeks before shipping from the order date
  • Disk are plated with 100% natural DeBeers Industrial Diamonds for best life and grinding efficiency
  • Disks are made in Asheville NC, USA