His Glassworks 4 inch x 106 Inch Wet Belt Sander

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16-20 weeks

Our 4 x 106 Wet Belt sander boasts a 1 HP TEFC direct drive motor, automatic belt take up and tensioning system and side skirting to protect the drive motor from water spray. The solenoid activated twin water spray provides ample water delivery to any style belt you choose to use from diamond to cerium impregnated. The exterior is enamel coated for corrosion resistance with a heavy duty water bucket for longevity and an extended water tray to prevent overspray on the surround floor in your coldshop. Our belt sander utilizes a pressure molded urethane Roller Platen for longer wear life and easy grinding contact and reduced belt wear. Water hookup is a standard 1/8 inch NPT water valve and comes ready to work out of the crate. The front roller bar is completely removable for easier access to the belt grinding surface and the sander comes with an adjustable splash guard on the front for added safety. The water bucket also has a small sacrificial anode in the back that will slowly corrode over time instead of your water bucket corroding. Once the anode completely corrodes, just order a new one and keep your water bucket from degrading over time. 4 x 106 belt size.

Newly redesigned sander with removable guard to allow access to 11 inch more belt area and a tension lock for mounting and unmounting belts "hands free".

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Customer Questions
What maintenance needs to be performed on the belt sander motor.

Baldor recommends greasing the motor bearings about every two years with either Chevron SRI#2 or Exxon PolyRex-EM or equivilent grease. If you work in a dusty and wet environment or the sander is being used more than 12 hours a day, then grease the motor...

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  • Hard enamel painted exterior
  • 1HP TEFC Baldor motor
  • 1/8 Inch NPT Solenoid activated water spray with dual nozzles
  • Metal water bucket with extended drip tray for heavy duty use
  • Molded Rubber wheel platen
  • Adjustable water spray shield
  • Automatic belt tensioner and takeup with new tension lock
  • Water basin anode for corrosion prevention
  • 325 pound shipping weight via LTL 
  • FOB Asheville NC