Abrasive wheels

How do I polish from the profiled engraving wheels?

This has been a long standing dilemma for many engravers and glass artists. Many simply do not polish those surfaces or will etch the surface for uniformity or attempt to have the surfaces acid polished. Now we offer a way to easily and quickly pre-...

My felt wheels is bloated and misshapen, what happened?

Felt material is a porous natural wool felt and will have the tendency to swell when in lengthy contact with water. Under normal circumstances on a bench grinder or lathe there isn't enough continuous water contact to cause the wheels to swell significantly...

What do the electroplated and sintered radiused wheels do?

The electroplated and sintered radiused wheels we carry have a radiused profile on the edge of the diamond wheel that when used on the glass will create a lens on the surface of the glass. Most often these wheels are used for the removal and subsequent...

I have an 18" covington lap grinder. What is the shaft and threading I need to order for that? Also, what else do I need to purchase to use the cone with the grinder?

For the Covington grinders, you'll need a male to male adaptor for the center listed here. The threading for the cone or dome should be 5/8-11 Right Hand Thread.

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