What's the difference in all of the cerium oxides you offer?

There are two main differences in the various ceriums: Actual cerium content, and particle size.

The higher the cerium content, the "brighter" the polish will be. Optical ceriums have higher cerium contents and higher prices due to higher refining to remove any excess contaminents from the powder. 

The smaller the particle size, the finer the polish as well, but also the slower the polishing is. Finer particle sizes have higher prices again due to higher refining standards. 

For most hand polishing of glass (especially bottoms of pieces), lower cost ceriums like our AX cerium work great. They polish fast and leave a nice surface. 

If you have a lot of facets or visible areas, then you'll want to lean more towards optic ceriums like the Cer-Optik. 

Some ceriums we carry are just for specific customers that require them like the Superox 100T and the Cerox 1663. If you don't currently use those ceriums for specific purposes, you can ignore those as options.

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