8 Inch Mini Lap Grinder (Water Cups)

The 8 inch Mini Lap grinder come equipped with a 1/4HP motor and steel wheel head for easy changing of diamond disks for grinding and polishing smaller glass surface like murrini, jewelry, and other small surface area grinding projects. The water cup water delivery system has a top cup for water and bottom cup for the drain line on the grinder. The plastic splash guard is height adjustable and can be removed for working larger size pieces across the disk surface. The wheel head has a 5/8 inch screw head exposed which requires disks to have a 5/8 inch center hole.

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Customer Questions
Can grinding accessories ie. cone, dome be used with this lap grinder?

Unfortunately no. The 8 inch grinder is a direct drive system where the shaft on the grinder is the shaft from the motor. The motor shaft on these units is too small to mount a cone or dome onto it.

Can a water cup system be converted to the loc line system

Of course! You just need the water line kit here: https://www.hisglassworks.com/accessories/for-machines/push-to-connect-water-manifold-with-one-foot-loc-line-adjustable-water-line.html

What else do I need besides the water line kit to convert the water cup feed? Water pump? Hose?

You would need either a submersible pump with tubing if you're going to use a bucket with water, or our tubing kit with the connection for hose pipe connector if you're going to use a garden hose. https://www.hisglassworks.com/6-foot-1-4-inch-tubing...

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  • 1/4HP variable speed direct drive motor
  • Solid Steel wheel head for easy disk placement
  • Removable, height adjustable splash guard
  • Water supply cup with adjustable flow nozzle and drain cup