HXTAL NYL-1 Epoxy Adhesive 1/4 Pound Kit

HXTAL NYL-1 is a museum quality epoxy adhesive for laminating, bonding, and repairing glass. It is a water white (optically clear) adhesive with the same index of refraction as borosilicate glass. HXTAL is extremely versatile and can be thinned down for use as a clear coat or allowed to thicken in order to mold into missing parts of glass. With a long history and excellent track record it is one of the best adhesives for bonding glass to glass and glass to other mediums.
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Customer Questions
Can this product be mechanically polished as glass (borosilicate)?

HXTAL behaves more like a plastic. In small areas it can be polished like the glass but larger areas will struggle to polish with cerium.

What is used to thin HXTAL so it can be used as a clear coat? Can it be used to fill pinholes on the surface of fused glass? if yes, thinned or full strength?

You can thin HXTAL with Acetone for clear coating surfaces. For filling holes, you'll want to warm up the HXTAL in a hot water bath to thin it down. Don't use the acetone as you'll need air movement around the epoxy in order for the acetone to evaporate...

Is it possible to remove cured Hxtal from a glass piece and if so, how to do it safely for the glass?

Hello, You can use the epoxy solvent we sell called Attack. This will need to soak on the joint for quite a while and it will slowly eat away at the glue. This is a slow process and the larger the size the harder it gets to pull apart. Some people...

Hi Do I need a UV light to cure this adhesive?

No. HXTAL is an epoxy so it is a chemical reaction between the resin and hardner. No UV light required

Can hxtal be applied to a glass surface that has been mirrored? For example, to adhere a metal mount to mirrored glass.

Yes, but the weak spot of the joint will be the mirroring on the glass and not the HXTAL. The HXTAL will bond to the mirroring but the mirroring may shed from the glass over time.

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  • Tensile Strength: 5400psi
  • Tensile Modulus: 316,000psi
  • Elongation: 3%
  • Flexural Strength: 10,100psi
  • Flexural Modulus: 365,000psi
  • Impact Strength: 0.14ft lbs per inch
  • Shore D Hardness: 78
  • Refractive Index: 1.515
  • Gel Time: 110g at 100 degrees F - 262.7minutes
  • Cure time of 0.2mm film at 25 degree C: Cure to touch- 15.3 hours. Full Cure - 30.9 hours